Long-wear Lip Color Test

Now that I’m engaged (EEK!!), I’ve started testing beauty products that I might want to wear for the big day!

Recently, my goal was to find a longwear lip color that I could drink, sing, dance…and kiss…through!

I started my trial this morning with Maybelline’s Super Stay 24 Color Liquid Lipstick in Continuous Coral. The Superstay 24® Colorcolor itself is fabulous! It’s a little messy to put on initially, I’m going to try to wipe the brush a little better and use a clear lip liner next time I apply. I’m sure application is something that takes a few tries. I also didn’t read the directions, you are supposed to wait 2 minutes for the color to dry before applying the balm. Next time!! The ultra conditioning balm is great! It’s so handy that the color and balm are in one tube! The claim is 24 hour continuous wear. I think I might have an issue with this. While it stayed for kissing, drinking, smiling and other expressions…it did begin to wipe off on my paper napkin at lunch. I went ahead and wiped it all off to reapply after eating. Not a huge deal in the long run…but it’s worth noting! ***Note: following directions makes a bit of difference!!

The second product I am testing is Maybelline’s Super Stay 14 hour Lipstick in Eternal Rose. Super Stay14HR Lipstick®This product goes on like a traditional lipstick. It’s a little tacky when you rub your lips together, but other than that, it’s comfortable. This one does NOT pass the kiss test. My fiance would end up wearing this if I tried to kiss him, he’s lucky I tried the back of my hand first! So obviously, with the kiss test failed…It fails everything else. It comes of on straws and glasses, everything.

Really, my needs are simple. I don’t want a lipstick that is going to smudge, leave marks on my champagne flute or my Mr.’s lips! At this point…I’m really in love with the Super Stay 24 Color! It really holds up and is comfortable!

(The products were purchased from Wal-Mart, the unfortunate 14 hr lipstick will be returned)


About Alexa

I may not be a Christina Hendricks red-head, but I am by no means a brunette! I'm a 20-something young professional working as a corporate receptionist and office assistant in Bethesda, MD! I have a great interest in DIY, organization, photography, wine, anything creative, travel, beaches and writing. Check back for updates on the blog about product reviews, gender-related topics, my take on trending topics in the entertainment industry, DIY projects, recipes, wedding planning stories and life's happenings. Oh, and sports (Go Redskins!; C-A-P-S! CAPS! CAPS! CAPS!; Let's Go NATS!).
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