Labor Day: New Furniture and Bed, pt. 1

Holy cow. Today feels like an entire weekend rolled into one period of time.

The S.O. and I decided to buy a new bed on Thursday night. We upgraded from a queen to a king size, which I hope will be good for our relationship..and luckily we got a pretty good deal on it.

We went to Mattress Warehouse and it was a tad overwhelming. The single sales person was just finishing up with another customer when I decided to lay down on a random bed and start talking strategy with my mattress hunting partner-in-crime. About the time I got comfortable, of course, the shark approached. I guess we OOZED i have no idea what i’m doing.

He asked us all the regular questions: what size are you looking for (king), what are you currently sleeping on (a mix of an over 10-year-old boxspring and an old Ikea hybrid mattress, queen), do you have anything in mind (something comfortable that is going to last us a while)?

We ended up doing their BedMatch thing. You answer a few questions about your age, height, if you sleep with a partner, if you have pain, etc. Then you lay down on these twin mattresses that take data points on your body as you watch a video about how the typical consumer cant buy a correct mattress for themselves. Basically laying there while they tell you that your ignorant and have been doing it wrong forever, and this computer thing will give you exactly what you need.

Being my first ever mattress purchase, I was surprisingly not totally ignorant with picking out mattresses. I know that when I lay down on my back or side, I shouldn’t have any pressure or pain. It should feel like my spine is in alignment. I should also just be comfortable. This all needed to be within a reasonable price-point.

The first time we went to the store, it was on Wednesday. The total price for the bed we liked, frame, boxspring, cover, delivery and set up was about $1,700. Yeah right!!! We left, checked out Sleepy’s, and left there because we were unimpressed. Upon returning home, I began to do my homework. I checked the Serta website and found the exact mattress we fell in love with. If we bought it online, it would have been $1,199. Same mattress.

After learning all of this, we went back on Thursday ready to roll. Different sales guy this time. I had heard about saving an extra 15% on a bed you matched with on BedMatch. So we did that again. We matched with our bed again, thank goodness! So while Stephen was talking numbers with the sales guy, I started pulling te bed back up on my phone. Stephen took his queue and asked me what i was doing. I said that I was looking the bed up online.

I asked the salesman if this “Chamberlynn” bed was the same as Serta’s “Killingsworth” Foam mattress. He began to give me the speech every mattress salesman gives about how the manufacturers make some mattresses special for the stores, so they are not all created equal. I mentioned how everything was identical down to the fabric. He took one look at my phone, say the $1,199 purchase price and brought us to his desktop to look it up there.

He honored the $1,199 for the king size mattress and low profile split boxsprings. He gave us half off the $150 bed frame we needed. After buying the mattress protector, we ended up spending about $1,400 all in. I just looked at the Mattress Warehouse website, and they have finally changed all prices to the Labor Day Sale prices. Even with those changes, we still saved a few hundred dollars.

Totally excited!! On to bedding….


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