Things I hate…

It’s Friday, which means it’s usually not too bad of a day at work. But no…not today!! Today just had to be different!!

I have already been called “operator” three times on the phone this morning. I HATE being called that. I am the corporate receptionist and I do SO MUCH MORE than just operate the phone system. It’s much more sophisticated than what these folks are imagining. That might be one of my biggest pet peeves.

Secondly, I had a gentleman call and insist on talking to my COO. I apologized and explained that my COO doesn’t handle individual accounts and asked if I could connect him to Brokerage and that they would be able to assist him with his needs. He proceeded to get very upset and insisted that I put him through to the gentleman listed as the investment professional on his diseased relation’s account statement. Our COO is listed as such on ALL of our house account statements. He never actually handles them. I again explained this and put him on through, expecting that someone in brokerage would be able to help him and he would calm down. Not the case. He then called me back, insisted that if my COO wouldn’t talk to him, he’d bet he’d talk to the sheriff.

Seriously? Threatening me with law enforcement over something as petty as who you need to speak with?

So I put him through to my COO’s voice mail and send him an email about what had just happened, apologizing if the man on the line was rude to him.

Can it just be 5pm now?..all of this transpired before 10am. Pray for me.


About Alexa

I may not be a Christina Hendricks red-head, but I am by no means a brunette! I'm a 20-something young professional working as a corporate receptionist and office assistant in Bethesda, MD! I have a great interest in DIY, organization, photography, wine, anything creative, travel, beaches and writing. Check back for updates on the blog about product reviews, gender-related topics, my take on trending topics in the entertainment industry, DIY projects, recipes, wedding planning stories and life's happenings. Oh, and sports (Go Redskins!; C-A-P-S! CAPS! CAPS! CAPS!; Let's Go NATS!).
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