Well, How’d you like that break? Four months without blogging…I feel guilty!!

Let’s catch up, shall we?

October was fun…Halloween parties and pumpkin carving always make me happy! I pulled out my Faux-Uggs  and the rest of my “basic bitch” attire…however there is one HUGE difference between me and your typical “BB”…I HATE PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING! Sorry, but I’m not sorry. At all. I just don’t like it. You can make me try it over and over again, it’s just not for me. Not even regular pumpkin flavor. Just not for me. The was the second year in memory that I didn’t make it to Carter’s Mountain for apple picking, cider and apple doughnuts. It was one of my favorite things to do growing up.

November brought Thanksgiving season around…and Christmas prep. Stephen and I put up our Christmas decor the day before we left for his mother’s for Thanksgiving. Mostly because he bought a toy that he was excited about. A plastic train that you cal let run on the floor…or the “cooler” option…mount on the body of the tree about half way up and let it run around in the air. It runs automatically for about a minute and a half, making sounds and with a light. While it was pretty neat, I much prefer the vintage option of old iron trains at the base.

I also made my first wreath this year! Its not as fun as I’d rather it have been, but we kept it inside and It made for beautiful wall decor. Faux evergreen with a few decorative picks and led light wire mixed in…it was a great craft!

December..was a blur. I was offered my temp job as a full time employee! I’m not the corporate receptionist and administrative assistant at the office. It’s nice, Its a wonderful atmosphere, everyone is helpful..and that’s a big change for me. I’m so happy to no longer feel like the old kid at an orphanage!

Of course the holidays were a busy, crazy time. Christmas Eve I finished work at 3pm and had to drive from my office in Bethesda, MD to home in Richmond, VA. The drive wasn’t horrible, traffic wasn’t bad…it just took time. I’ve never been a huge fan of long car rides. But once I was home, I was able to relax…eat home cooked meals and catch up with my parents, grandmother, and sisters. Christmas Day, Stephen joined my family and we spend the day working on my car….after unwrapping gifts. My car is another blog…trust me.

Now here we are in January. New Years eve was perfect. Small dinner in SW DC with some new friends. Nothing crazy for once, it was wonderful!!

I think that covers just about everything…maybe. I’ll be posting more about my car trouble, Christmas, and the new job soon.

xoxo, A


About Alexa

I may not be a Christina Hendricks red-head, but I am by no means a brunette! I'm a 20-something young professional working as a corporate receptionist and office assistant in Bethesda, MD! I have a great interest in DIY, organization, photography, wine, anything creative, travel, beaches and writing. Check back for updates on the blog about product reviews, gender-related topics, my take on trending topics in the entertainment industry, DIY projects, recipes, wedding planning stories and life's happenings. Oh, and sports (Go Redskins!; C-A-P-S! CAPS! CAPS! CAPS!; Let's Go NATS!).
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