Day from hell..

So, I recently discovered that im in a financial pinch. Working as a temp and not being salaried is helping me to go broke.

Between trying to pay my rent and utilities, paying back Stephen, paying back my father, muffler repair…we got a bill yesterday from our old apartment complex stating we owed $440. For utilities we ALREADY paid! On, we received it in the mail yesterday the 5th..and its due the 7th! I don’t have money for this right now!!!

So flustered from this crazy bill I just found..I grabbed the blinds and receipt from Wal-Mart to go make the return and purchase a new set that fit. I felt my wallet and phone in my pockets and locked the knob from the inside and closed the door. i took two steps and realized I HAD NO CAR KEYS. I had locked my keys in my apartment. Now, usually this isn’t a big deal. I live with my boyfriend. He can let me in. But today of all days, he had to work until MIDNIGHT to get testing.

So there I was. Home-alone, locked out…and did I mention it had started to rain? Yeah, its like a depressing scene from a movie. So, I walked to the Verizon store near me to charge my phone. I finally get in touch with Stephen and tell him about my ordeal…and just as i’m thinking i’m going to be hanging out with Verizon employees all night, I get an amazing text from a friend offering to go fetch the key from Stephen and bring it to me. It was totally out of his way. But he did it anyway. His reply when I say thank you, “this is what friends are for”. I could have cried.

I’m having a better day today..that’s for sure…but please remember friends, ALWAYS LEAVE WITH KEYS IN HAND and a good friend on speed-dial!


About Alexa

I may not be a Christina Hendricks red-head, but I am by no means a brunette! I'm a 20-something young professional working as a corporate receptionist and office assistant in Bethesda, MD! I have a great interest in DIY, organization, photography, wine, anything creative, travel, beaches and writing. Check back for updates on the blog about product reviews, gender-related topics, my take on trending topics in the entertainment industry, DIY projects, recipes, wedding planning stories and life's happenings. Oh, and sports (Go Redskins!; C-A-P-S! CAPS! CAPS! CAPS!; Let's Go NATS!).
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One Response to Day from hell..

  1. This is the kind of thing that happens to me all of the time! Thanks for sharing and I’m glad you have a good friend 🙂

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