Boxes, packing tape…

I really want to know where all this crap came from.

Seriously. We are only two people. How do we have this much stuff???

So, Stephen and I recently moved into an apartment, just the two of us. It’s a cute little place with a lot of potential. But I honestly never realized how much crap we had in our old apartment.

We have spent the last several weekends TRYING to pick through it all, organize what we want..stash the stuff we know we’ll need eventually..and make heads/tails of the rest and decide to trash it or stash it. After getting past the big stuff, we’re down to the little bits and bobs. The “I’ve had that since middle school” or “I just found it and liked it” pieces.

IMAG2718Luckily, and we planned this, we have a den that serves as Stephen’s ‘Man Cave’. His Legos, deer heads, flags, guitars…and my fish…live in that room. This has been helpful thus far. It has a great closet which we quickly filled with our extra blankets and Christmas decorations.

The living room now looks like people live in it (that’s code for its dirty as shit). My workout stuff stays stashed under the couch. The coffee table catches receipts, candles, pens, dinner plates (because who eats at the table) and the occasional headphone set. Stephen’s fish tank has a set of my old Sterilite drawers tucked neatly under it. It actually fits like that’s what it was made for! Awesome! But we still have crap all over that needs to find a home.


The laundry room is a magnificent space. My set of outdoor, rugged Sterilite drawers resides in a corner, tools in top drawer, toilet paper in the middle and cleaning supplies in the bottom. Our paper towels sit perched on top, we buy paper products from Costco so its more like mounded on top. There were 2 wonderful full wall shelves installed. Extra sheets, beach towels, Detergent, dryer sheets, beer, and a styrfoam cooler from Omaha Steaks sit there. I HATE IT. I am desperate to find some new way to organize these shelves. They are jammed full. This is a task.

The kitchen is coming together. Again I question, how did we get so much crap?? We have a ton of glassware, pints from local brew pubs, wine glasses from tastings, Stephens Guinness glasses, upwards of 8 Redskins plastic cups, ChiveMD shot glasses (anyone want one??), and other random additions clog one half a cabinet. Plates take up the other half. I think I want to add tension rods or a plate organizer and store these on edge rather than flat. Might be easier.

The spices are jammed above the range hood, as is the koozie collection. Above the sink, glass bakeware and tupperware are crammed in. We only have 3 (three, tres) drawers. one for oven mitts and rags, one for gadgets, one for silverware. But we have so much stuff! multiples spoons, spatulas, whisks. We have 2 additional cups on the counter tip filled with what wouldn’t fit in the drawer! Because we totally have a ton of counter space! It’s perfect!!…oh wait, we DON’T have a lot of counter space? But then…why would we….oh, crap. We have yet to clean through all of this. We need to desperately. We have a 4 shelf unit for the overflow pantry and to hold the alcohol, a wall rack which we used to hang pots from, but its hunt a bit too low to do that now, and a 5 drawer Sterilite tower for food storage.

IF you are STILL reading through this, yes. We love Sterilite. They might as well be paying me for this blog because we use it so much.

The bedroom is beginning to be an oasis…with clothes on the floor instead of sand. This is
partly my doing. I have a lot of clothing.

IMAG2714 IMAG2713

Lets talk about this.

I think I uncovered an issue. I have a lot of clothing. I’m holding on to a pair of size 9 jeans I haven’t been able to wear since freshman year of college, tons of t-shirts (I’m convinced they are a-sexual…I get rid of a bunch and then my drawer is full again!). I can’t bring myself to getting rid of clothes that aren’t t-shirts. I guess im scared that if I donate it, I’ll realize I really did want it? Or the 7+ pairs of business slacks I own (but can’t fit in right now). Do I really need that many business slacks?? Or the tops I’ve had since high school. If I still wear them, great, right? But the ones that are ripped, damaged, or that I just haven’t worn..should go away..right? But what about the ones I’m ‘saving’ for when I’m skinny again?

At least my jewelry is finally under control, as is makeup. That’s another blog.

Shoes under control…thank you to the Dollar Tree for carrying shoe boxes! Another blog…check soon.

Any suggestions are welcomed….I think I need all the help I can get!



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One Response to Boxes, packing tape…

  1. I totally understand how you feel! I felt that same way when i moved. My old apartment had very minimal space and i have a TON of clothes; so i had to make do with what i had but it worked. You can read how here:
    Target and Ikea will be your best friend and if you have a balcony buy an organizer from Home Depot to help get some of the clutter out the house! Good Luck

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