Without a Hitch, Because of YOU

After months and months of planning, my mother, “otha mothas”, friends, and I put together the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen!

On Saturday, October 14th, I said “I Do!” to Stephen at Shady Grove United Methodist Church in Glen Allen, VA and held a reception at the Fox Hall Clubhouse, in the neighborhood where I grew up.

It was, without a doubt in my mind, the best day of my entire life (so far)! It went off without a hitch!

I want to make some not-so-formal, public thank yous:

I cannot thank everyone who helped us design, plan, and put on the perfect day. To my mother’s dearest friends and my “otha mothas”: thank you for helping us to design and assemble the reception space, as well as attending my bridal shower. The amount of love and hard work is so deeply appreciated and reciprocated.

To my friends: all of your support, suggestions, link shares, idea boards, etiquette books, magazines, wine-fueled planning conversations…I will always treasure. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful women and men who wanted nothing more than to see Stephen and I happy. We adore you. (Oh! and thank you to one friend in particular for calling me in nausea meds the night before the big day!)

To Stephen’s Groomsmen: Thank you for making sure Stephen got everywhere he needed to be, fully dressed and ready. You all looked so good in those tux’s!! But really, the four of you are such dear friends…we’re so grateful for everything you have done for us as a couple over the years.

To my bridesmaids: thank you for standing by my side…you were there from the first day I met him, and you’ve seen me through everything. Caity and Allicia…I love you both and truly cannot thank you enough!

To my maid of honor: Caroline, I adore you. You’re my baby sister, and I couldn’t have imagined that day without you in it. Thank you for coming and partying with us! You looked gorgeous! I love you.

To my matron of honor: Lydia, you did so much more than anyone could have expected of you. You work 7 days, flew from Las Vegas to be with me and help mom and I plan and out everything together. You’re a champ! Thank you for helping me speak up for myself and reminding me that it’s my day, and I’m not allowed to say “sure, that’s fine” because you knew it wasn’t fine. Your hugs, hand holds, smiles….thank you for being my dress fluffer and bouquet holder. I love you, Mrs. Miles.

To my new Mother-in-law and Sisters-in-law: The luncheon and rehearsal were  a dream! I have never seen that gazebo look as beautiful as it did that friday night. I’m so blessed to have the 3 of you in my life, thank you for welcoming me into your family with open arms.

To my father: thank you for helping to keep Mama stable (somewhat) and for taking me on the best walk I’ll ever take with you. That dance wasn’t too bad either!

Finally, to my mother: Thank you for helping make all of my wedding dreams come true. The artwork for the programs, helping me lay out the invitation, finding the best rentals, caterer, and florist north of the James, and helping me into that big white dress for the 4th time…Thank you.

My friends and family put everyone else’s to shame…truly. Stephen and I will never forget that perfect day!!!


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Wedding Planning Checklist

Consider this my digital timeline! Crossing off items as I go…counting the days until we say I DO!!

August, September, & October 2016

  • Announce Your Engagement
  • Envision Overall Wedding Style And Colors
  • Draw Up Budget With Help From Families
  • Protect Your Engagement Ring (Appraisal And Insurance)
  • Choose Wedding Date And Time
  • Start Outlining Initial Guest List
  • Create Wedding Website
  • Start Researching Ceremony And Reception Sites
  • Book Any Priority Vendors
  • Interview And Book A Day Or Week Of Planner

November, December, 2016 & January 2017

  • Reserve Your Date At Your Church, Or Plan Civil Service Site
  • Book Reception Venue
  • Choose And Book Officiant
  • Choose Bridal Party (Bridesmaids, Groomsman, Flower Girl, Ring Bearer, Readers, Guest Book Attendants)
  • Settle On Wedding Colors And Style
  • Decide On A Caterer And Determine Rough Price Per Head And Think About Menu
  • Start Shopping For Wedding Dresses
  • Finalize Guest List
  • Research Photographers
  • Research Djs
  • Procure Your Flowers, Set Up Appointments With Florists In The Area And Discuss Options
  • Research Lighting And Rental Places In Your Area

February, March, & April, 2017

  • Order Wedding Dress
  • Register For Gifts
  • Think About Bridesmaid Dresses
  • Plan Out Ceremony
  • Book Florist
  • Book Photographer
  • Book DJ
  • Engagement Photos
  • Plan Honeymoon
  • Book Ceremony Musician
  • Research Hair And Makeup
  • Interview And Book Cake Baker
  • Choose Bridesmaids Dresses So They Can Order And Have Fittings
  • Prep For Out Of Town Guests, Set Aside A Block Of Rooms At A Nearby Hotel (Include This On Your Wedding Website And In Invitation Insert)
  • Order Save-The-Dates And Send To All Guests
  • Start Planning Rehearsal Dinner
  • Finalize And Order Wedding Invitations
  • Finalize Menu With Caterer
  • Confirm Bridesmaids Have All Ordered Their Dresses
  • Research Wedding Insurance
  • Browse Centerpieces Ideas

May & June, 2017

  • Finalize Your Flower Proposal With Your Florist
  • Decide On Formal Wear For The Guys
  • Begin Addressing Envelopes
  • Finalize Rental List (Tables, Chairs, Extras)
  • Make Honeymoon Travel Reservations, Flights, Rooms, Ensure Passports Are Up To Date
  • Book Wedding-Night Accommodations
  • Book Rehearsal Dinner Site And Finalize Menu

July 2017

  • Choose Accessories For Your Bridesmaids And Confirm Dress Deliveries
  • Buy Or Rent Decorations That Aren’t Included In Your Flower Proposal
  • Make All Prewedding Beauty Appointments (Facials, Haircuts)
  • Attend Prewedding Counseling
  • Have Rings Adjusted
  • Send Out Invitations!!!
  • Decide On Wedding Favors
  • Finalize Details For Bridesmaid Luncheon
  • Arrange For Day Of Transportation, If Needed
  • Confirm Delivery Date Of Your Dress And Schedule Fittings
  • Purchase Your Under-The-Dress Essentials In Time For First Fitting
  • Have Your Bridal Shower
  • Figure Out Ceremony Readings
  • Start Writing Your Vows
  • Draw Up Reception Song List

Aug 2017

  • Start Working On The Ceremony Program
  • Bachelorette Party!!
  • Buy Wedding Veil, Shoes, And All Accessories
  • Decide On Your “Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue”
  • Research Local Marriage License Requirements
  • Confirm OOTG Hotel Reservations And Check With Hotel To Ensure You Don’t Need To Block Out More Rooms
  • Schedule Hair And Makeup Trail Appointments To Take Place 3-4 Weeks Before The Wedding
  • Get Going On Those Thank You’s For The Gifts!

Sept. 1-16, 2017

  • Finalize Ceremony
  • Send Rehearsal Dinner Invites
  • Have Ceremony Programs Printed
  • Work Out Day Of Schedule (Hour By Hour)
  • Plan Night Before
  • Organize OOTG Welcome Bags

Sept. 15-31, 2017

  • Call Guests Who Haven’t Returned Their RSVP Cards
  • Organize Seating Chart
  • Give Caterer, Baker Final Headcount
  • Get All Needs From Vendors
  • Work On Escort Cards
  • Confirm Any Transportation
  • Shop And Pack For The Honeymoon
  • Confirm ALL Final Payments
  • Confirm And Distribute Day-Of Schedule And Contact List To Wedding Party, Family, Vendors
  • Prepare Wedding Toasts
  • Practice Walking In Your Wedding Shoes
  • Pack Wedding Overnight Bag
  • Leave A Copy Of The Honeymoon Itinerary With Close Friends And Family, Including Contact For The Hotel
  • Put Any Final Payments And Tips In Envelopes And Give To Someone To Distribute Day Of
  • Give The “Must-Take” List To The Photographer
  • Apply For Marriage License Together
  • Special Song Request List To DJ
  • One Last Haircut Or Trim Or Color
  • Arrange For Transportation For OOTG Who Will Not Rent Cars

Oct. 1-9, 2017

  • Touch Base With Ceremony & Reception Venue
  • Give Place Cards, Table Numbers, Menu Cards, Guest Book To Caterer (If They Are Organizing Them)
  • Reconfirm With Florist
  • Deliver Welcome Bags To OOTG Hotels
  • Confirm Toasts With Bridal Party And Family

Oct. 13, 2017 – DAY BEFORE

  • Manicure, Pedicure
  • Bring Any Ceremony Accessories To Site
  • Rehearse The Ceremony
  • Give Marriage License To Officiant
  • Give Attendants Gifts At The Rehearsal Dinner
  • Prep Hair And Makeup Schedules
  • SLEEP!!!!!!

October 14,2017 – WEDDING DAY!

  • Try To Get Hair And Makeup Done Early
  • Give Gifts To Parents And Each Other
  • Give Rings To Best Man And Maid Of Honor



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477 Days To Go

I have truly enjoyed being engaged for the past 6 months. HOLY COW! 6 months?!?!? Time is flying!!

Stephen and I decided on an October wedding in my hometown of Richmond, VA. We’ve got the venue. As for other plans?…there are none. We have time. I’ve broken it into manageable chunks, by month, between now and the big day. We don’t really have to start making moves again until after the new year!

This planning organization has not stopped me from Pinterest-ing and looking at articles and Browser Shopping (like window shopping…but online!). I was actually just looking at Macys and Things Remembered for toasting flutes. I started to get a little teary-eyed…thinking that one of these glasses is what is going to be in my hand when I’m dressed in a beautiful white gown on the best day of my life. It made it a little more real. Sure, I did this before I was engaged, but now it’s actually for a purpose!!

I did make a wedding website…and according to it…there are 477 days left until we say our vows to each other before God and some of our closest friends. I feel just as giddy and amazed by my fiance as I did when we first met.

I hope I never lose this feeling.

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Remembering Orlando & Commentary on the Subject of Massacres

There really isn’t a great way to start this post off. It’s a sensitive topic. I’ve been sitting here with my fingers on the keyboard for 10 minutes now and have typed and deleted several times.

There was a horrific event that occurred in Orlando, FL this weekend…and if you DON’T know about it by now, you must be living under a rock. Even my iHEARTradio app on my phone alerted me to the news.

What I write here is a mix of information obtained through NBC news articles and my personal views.

I invite you to comment with your views on the subject. This should be an open conversation and I respect everyone’s view.

Pulse Nightclub, Orlando, FL

Around 2 AM, US citizen Omar Mateen stormed the Pulse Nightclub with a rifle and a handgun, both legally obtained. He also held legal, active security officer and firearm licenses, as he worked in the security business.

Before his rampage, Mateen called 911 and expressed his allegiance to ISIS (though there is no indication he was in touch with terrorists overseas or that this was a direct attack). According to his father, He had been visibly angered a few months prior after witnessing a gay couple kiss.

He had been investigated by the FBI on two occasions. The first in 2013, because of a statement he had made about radical Islamic propaganda. He was interviewed twice and the investigation was closed when it was determined he had no tied to radical Islam.

The second in 2014, he was interviewed again when it was learned he may have had ties to a US suicide bomber. Again, the investigation was closed after they determined that it wasn’t a substantial relationship.

The assault lasted until 5 a.m. when Orlando and Orange County Officers and Deputies stormed the nightclub and exchanged gunfire.

Mental health, ISIS, Gun Control….pick whatever soapbox you feel like standing on. It doesn’t change the fact that 50 people lost their lives and more than 50 are still fighting to keep theirs.

Whether you’re talking about Orlando, Blacksburg, or Newtown, or any of the other massacres that have occurred in the US over the last 50 years…one fact is the same. Innocent lives were taken. For one reason, or another…an individual got their hands on a firearm and decided that they were going to end lives.

There is such a fine line with cases like this…government agencies and anyone else involved will catch flack no matter what they do. You CANNOT outlaw guns. You CAN create new, reasonable gun control laws. There are too many law, abiding citizens who enjoy firearms for sport and pleasure that don’t put anyone’s lives at risk. You cannot demonize them.

Mental health in this country is another tough pill to swallow. It’s a delicate subject to some. How do you move forward with changes to the health system to ensure those who need help receive it? Do we incorporate their status on background checks for gun retailers? At what “severity” of mental state do you deny someone their purchase?

Even if they are denied purchase of a firearm, that doesn’t mean they won’t get one. Parents, friends, family, neighbors that own…they can take them. Especially if they aren’t locked up. Where there is a will, there is a way…this saying is unfortunately true. Adam Lanza took his mother’s guns, killed her and then went on to kill 26 more children and teachers. And if they can’t get a gun, it’s a knife; if it’s not a knife, maybe it’s a bomb. But we can’t outlaw pressure cookers…let’s be realistic here.

It really boils down to this: If someone wants to cause harm, they will. They will find a way to carry out whatever it is they want.

As a country, we need to stand together as one. Politics be damned. Race/Color/Creed be damned. We are Americans. This country is a great melting pot, and we need to preserve and continue to foster that. It’s what makes us so great. We need to look out for ourselves and our neighbors as we would our family. It’s the only way we’re going to be able to survive in this big, wide, crazy world.

My prayers go out to everyone affected by the tragic events that are continuing to unfold in Orlando. Instead of placing blame…move to love and forgiveness. Share compassion with your neighbors.

We’re all in this together.

Remembering Orlando’s Victims


List of Deadliest US Mass Shootings

  1. Pulse Nightclub, Orlando, FL, 2016
    1. 50 dead, more than 50 injured
    2. Omar Mateen declared ISIS allegiance, previously on the FBI watch list for comments he had made about terrorism (he was cleared)
  2. Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, 2007
    1. 32 dead, 17 injured
    2. Seung-Hui Cho was a 23 year old student at VT. NBC received a package from him days before the shooting ranting about rich “brats” at the school.
  3. Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, CT, 2012
    1. 28 dead
    2. Adam Lanza suffered from extreme mental health issues that went untreated. He was preoccupied with violence and had easy access to his mother’s guns.
  4. Luby’s Cafeteria, Killeen, TX, 1991
    1. 23 dead, 27 wounded
    2. George Hennard crashed his truck into the restaurant and started shooting. According to a former roommate, NBC reports, he “hated blacks, hispanics, gays. He said women were snakes.”
  5. McDonald’s, San Ysidro, CA, 1984
    1. 21 dead
    2. James Huberty lost his job and opened fire in a McDonald’s killing men, women and children.
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Long-wear Lip Color Test

Now that I’m engaged (EEK!!), I’ve started testing beauty products that I might want to wear for the big day!

Recently, my goal was to find a longwear lip color that I could drink, sing, dance…and kiss…through!

I started my trial this morning with Maybelline’s Super Stay 24 Color Liquid Lipstick in Continuous Coral. The Superstay 24® Colorcolor itself is fabulous! It’s a little messy to put on initially, I’m going to try to wipe the brush a little better and use a clear lip liner next time I apply. I’m sure application is something that takes a few tries. I also didn’t read the directions, you are supposed to wait 2 minutes for the color to dry before applying the balm. Next time!! The ultra conditioning balm is great! It’s so handy that the color and balm are in one tube! The claim is 24 hour continuous wear. I think I might have an issue with this. While it stayed for kissing, drinking, smiling and other expressions…it did begin to wipe off on my paper napkin at lunch. I went ahead and wiped it all off to reapply after eating. Not a huge deal in the long run…but it’s worth noting! ***Note: following directions makes a bit of difference!!

The second product I am testing is Maybelline’s Super Stay 14 hour Lipstick in Eternal Rose. Super Stay14HR Lipstick®This product goes on like a traditional lipstick. It’s a little tacky when you rub your lips together, but other than that, it’s comfortable. This one does NOT pass the kiss test. My fiance would end up wearing this if I tried to kiss him, he’s lucky I tried the back of my hand first! So obviously, with the kiss test failed…It fails everything else. It comes of on straws and glasses, everything.

Really, my needs are simple. I don’t want a lipstick that is going to smudge, leave marks on my champagne flute or my Mr.’s lips! At this point…I’m really in love with the Super Stay 24 Color! It really holds up and is comfortable!

(The products were purchased from Wal-Mart, the unfortunate 14 hr lipstick will be returned)

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Influenster Jingle Voxbox Review

I love being an Influenster! I was chosen to receive the Jingle Voxbox and I’m super excited to share it with you! I received these products complementary to review.


This box I closed some products I was familiar with, but haven’t used.
Cetaphil moisturizer
Hallmark Ittybitties
Pure ICE nail polish in Shore Thing
Bischoff coffee cookies
24hr eye liner

I’ve used cetaphil before and love it dearly. As an eczema sufferer, a good moisturizer us a must. This one is worth the slight splurge.

The itty bitty is adorable! It’s Olaf from Frozen! I sadly have no children that I regularly interact with, so I’m going to donate it in a toy drive. I hope it makes some child very happy!!!

The nail polish has a great neutral color. It’s unfortunate that it’s a bit thin, and takes a few coats to get ideal coverage. But it’s a wonderful find!

The bischoff cookies are amazing! I don’t drink coffee so I eat these alone. They taste almost like animal crackers, so good!!!!

I haven’t had a chance to truly test the eyeliner. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s a smooth application and doesn’t smudge too bad.

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Bahamas Cruise and Wedding Bells!

Right after the New Year, my family and I went on a cruise to the Bahamas (Nassau and Freeport). When I cay my family, I mean it. My Mom, Dad, sisters; Aunt Nell (Mom’s Sister) and her family and Uncle William (Mom’s Brother) and his family. In all, there was 16 of us. It was great!

It was quite an effort to get on the ship. Customs and check points…lots of waiting in lines. Once we got on the ship, Stephen and I went to our room and started unpacking a little bit. After we got settled, we headed out to the main bar and ordered out first drinks of many on this trip. (We got the Carnival Cheers Program, up to 15 drinks a day and unlimited soda…basically pre-paid. It was worth it.)

We headed up to the funnel of the ship and bid Charleston, SC farewell with my family before heading downstairs to get changed and to get into the HOT TUBS!! (because whats better than a hot tub on a cold day?)

The next day was our “fun day at sea” on our way to our first port in Nassau. Stephen and I decided to take our time. We woke up a little late and changed for the Serenity Deck (21+ only with 2 hot tubs and a waiter) and enjoyed brunch in the Celebration Dining Room. The Dining Room was great, it had windows so I could use the horizon line to not feel so sick! The food was great, and so was the company. We were seated next to a couple from Virginia and had a good chat with them while we all ate.

This is the exciting part:::

We headed up to the Lido Deck to walk down the Port side of the ship to the Serenity Deck. After getting out the door, Stephen stopped and started rooting through his backpack. I stopped and walked back to him, asking what he was doing. He answered, “Looking for a happy girlfriend!” I rolled my eyes and started to walk away, bu the called me back. He pulled a Ring Pop out of his bag: “You wanted a big rock, right?” DUH!!! Of course I did. he opened the candy and put it on my ring finger and I started to enjoy my sweet treat, when he interrupted my sugar bliss. He pulled out a box and opened it to reveal a BEAUTIFUL diamond ring and got down on one knee. Honestly, the connection between my ears and my brain must have fallen apart…because I don’t really remember him asking me if I would marry him. I started crying, and asked..multiple times…are you serious? of course i fell apart (all happy tears!!!) as he slid the ring on my finger.

I walked back to the Serenity deck, hand in hand with Stephen. Basically my whole family was there, they had just finished eating breakfast. My mom looked at me and asked me what was wrong. I just held up my hand…she DIDN’T NOTICE! She asked me again, so I pointed to the ring and said Moooommm!!!!! That finally got her attention. The ring was shown off and hugs went around. It was a picture perfect morning.

Stephen, of course, being an incredibly sweet and thoughtful man, then got me to take off my Pandora bracelet. When he put it back on, he asked about my newest charm. I showed him the cruise ship my Aunt Nell had given me. He admired it for a moment, before pulling my bracelet around and asking if i was sure that was the newest charm. Of course I gasped and started crying again…He had put the Gold and Diamond engagement ring dangle on my bracelet without me noticing.

Does it seriously get any sweeter?

That night at dinner, Dad bought champagne for everyone to toast our engagement…I might have cried a little more…It’s something I’m never going to forget.

The rest of the vacation was fabulous:

We went to John Watling’s Distillery (a great rum distillery that also produces a vodka. FREE SAMPLES!!!) and went to a fish fry (yum!) and cruised the shops and bought shells on the wharf in Nassau.

We went Snorkeling with the BEST eco-tour guide ever in Freeport. Scuba Steve can vouch for it (love ya, Daddy!) I found beautiful shells and was able to bring hold a sand dollar from the snorkle. We stopped on the way back to the ship and got to pick up as many conch shells as we wanted. There were tons of them!! Restaurants that cook conch just dump the shells back to the beach when they’re done. I’m pretty sure Stephen and I came back with like 7 of them.

Now that we’re home…let the wedding planning begin!!!


xoxo, Alexa


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New Year Resolution

I guess I’ll go ahead and let the world hold me accountable this year!

In 2016, I’m not going to make a pledge to not drink soda, or to lose weight, or to…..anything specific.

My goal is to be a better person. Completely. To be less judgmental, to complain less, to work harder on my financial goals, to be conscious of how much I am (or am not) moving on a daily basis, to work out more, to drink more water and less sugar, to eat in more and make it an adventure with Stephen, to enjoy longer snuggles with Indy, to make more time for what really matters in life.

I know it’s attainable. If you REALLY want a yearly weight loss goal, fine, 10 lbs. That would be great. If it’s more, awesome.

Bring on the New Year.

Adios, 2015.

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Merry Christmas!

Christmas has come and gone in a blur, as per usual.

This was our first Christmas without Grammie. It was hard, but we made it throught with far less tears than I had anticipated!

We would well up here and their, but no major boo-hoos. I made mom cry with my gift to her: Philosophy’s Amazing Graze gift set…with a letter saying that she has carried herself with “amazing grace” since her Mama’s passing. My sisters and I cried when Mama handed us gifts marked for us from Grammie. Lydia received the horse brasses that hung in our great grandmother’s and Grammie’s homes. Caroline received a beautiful citrine necklace. I was given the rest of Grammie’s Mexican Brass Angel candle holders and a pair of double pearl earrings that were rumored to have been given to her on her wedding day. We cried, we smiled, we laughed.

Daddy bought an old projector for my mother and family for Christmas to show the movies we found cleaning out Grammie’s house. Mama, Daddy, Lyd and Carrie, Aunt Nell and Uncle Don and I all watched my mother’s first Christmas, Grammie and Dee’s first Christmas as a married couple, and other firsts and family videos. It was such a gift!!

It was a wonderful holiday, until Stephen called me on Saturday. He had been rear ended by a woman on I-95 near Quantico. His bumper is trashed, he has a headache (partially from another injury sustained that morning), and his shoulder is sore from the seat belt catching it. I couldn’t be more happy that he’s okay. I kind of rushed home after getting the news because I was worried about him. I knew that me being home would help him relax.

It was hard to leave my family so soon…but I’ll see them in 5 days!!! Bring on the New Year!

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Halloween in the Office

As the Corporate Receptionist, I like to try to make entering the office as fun as possible!!

Halloween last year, I was a temp at the office I’m now employed by. I REALLY wanted them to like me. So I took my money and put together pumpkin candy bucket goody bags for Halloween Movie Quote Trivia! The Sign In sheet Had quotes from famous scary movies on it and employees had to guess the title and YEAR that the movie came out!

It was a lot of fun, and people get really into it! So I decided I needed to do it again this year! I changed it up, this year’s trivia is based of Halloween History!

IF YOU ARE FROM MY OFFICE AND READ THIS…please don’t read past this line!!! Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater!!!!!!

  1. What vegetable was traditionally used BEFORE the pumpkin for carving? TURNIP!
  2. What country did the jack-o-lantern originate in? IRELAND!
  3. How many pounds of candy did shoppers buy last year? 30 million? 120 million? 90 million? 15 million?
  4. How many colors of m&ms are available? 25
  5. Mary Shelly published this Gothic novel when she was only 21, in 1818. FRANKENSTEIN!

There is a question for each day this week. We’ll see how they do! So far, I’m thinking my questions should have been a little more difficult. More people are getting them right than I expected! I work with smart cookies!!

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